Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

Powder and inkjet printing
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Re: Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

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I have some km heads and controlling boards.will hook up to a scope and try to get some traces.
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Re: Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

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Hi all, I've been working with aengel on the Xaar system using kyle's code and we noticed that in his code after the power up sequence has finished, he has a delay put in for 1000 ms. Does anyone know if this delay can be shortened or even taken out completely or is it necessary to protect the Xaar head?
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Re: Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

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I don't remember respecting this delay. However, please use lower high voltage, I run with 24...28V since february last year. I believe the voltage must be adjusted accordig to the ink viscosity.
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Re: Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

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Wonko wrote: Sun May 15, 2016 8:26 pm The nozzles were clogged from the solvent ink that I was using. I bought an ultrasonic cleaner yesterday which works miracles. I also ordered some UV curing ink from China to try exactly that. Next week's goal will be to mount the head in an XYZ-axis machine so I can print layers. UV ink s perfect for masking PCB's, and with XYZ-axes, etch-resist should be no problem.

The head is somewhat expensive at 200 Euros, but it is extremely versatile and does not heat up the fluid at all. I have pretty detailed descriptions on the Epson heads (also a Piezo head), which are starting at 100 Euros for 5 colors if you rip them out of a cheap printer, but controlling them is a few levels harder.

It's really great to see the HP progress. I'll keep you posted. Can't wait to get powder and jet 3D printing to work ;-)
What cleaning agent did you use with the ultrasonic cleaner? Does IPA work?
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