Material system

Powder and inkjet printing
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Material system

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During my study of polymer composites i want to start the new project directed on binder jetting of metal powder and alloys.
I see that a lot of people with rich experience in 3D printing gather here. This is why I am asking you for help. Can u guys please suggest me what types of materials it is better to start a project with, which alloys and binders are most promising in this industry? What are the most popular applications of this technology can be found?
I will be glad to any advice or links to information on the current topic. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Material system

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Look at what materials HP is using for their Jet Fusion printers. They also use printheads with lots more nozzles than the 128 and multiple printheads.

Run the numbers on the 128. For a single head with a 9mm print swath at ~8kHz it travels at about 0.6m/sec. Is this fast enough for your application?
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