Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

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Re: Hacking the Xaar 128 printhead

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Oliver3D wrote: Sun Jun 27, 2021 8:48 am Hello,
I'd like to design a Xaar 128 control board over the summer and sell a few pieces. I'd love to hear from you, what are you looking for in terms of specs? I only have experience in designing FFF and SLA machines, so this is something new to me. So far, I've came up with the following specs:
  • price lower than 200 USD
  • 32-bit CPU
  • Ethernet interface
  • MicroSD
  • 3x stepper motor drivers
  • 12 V input
  • 1x Xaar 128 head output
  • 4x Endstops input
  • 2x UV lamp power output (with changeable output voltage and current control)
  • 2x thermistor inputs
  • 2x fans output
What do you think? Is there anything else, you'd like to see on the board?
Thanks for feedback.

Hey Adam,

Did you end up designing and testing a board to work with the Xaar 128?
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