Raspberry pi with touchscreen conversion for Pip-boy 3000 MkIV

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Raspberry pi with touchscreen conversion for Pip-boy 3000 MkIV

Post by Theblastback »

** I apologize for the inconvenience of having to link images and not paste them into the forum. From the preview though, it didn't appear as though they were showing up **

Hello, as the title states, I managed to fit a raspberry pi fit into this pipboy 3000. So, let's get down to brass tacks.

What you'll need:
- Raspberry pi 2/3 (Whichever you prefer)

- Phone power bank

- Long Rubberband

- 5 inch raspberry pi touchscreen that powers via gpio
** I had used a Kuman 5" inch Resistive 800x480 HDMI TFT, however this product is a real pain in my -
Long story short, mine does not function as a touch screen. Only as a regular screen. SDL doesn't recognize it as a touch screen. I cannot program
this to function as a touch screen, as I'd have to reverse engineer a touch driver for this screen. You've been warned **

- USB to micro USB cord, where the micro USB head is angled right

- Supplies to assemble a 115% 3d printed pipboy 3000 mk IV (Including the 3d printed parts)

- Epoxy (To seal away cut open plastic)

- My source code for my clock app ;)
https://github.com/Theblastback/PipOS ** Make sure SDL 2.0 and SDL Image 2.0 are installed **

- Relatively thin arms

- The will to succeed, and read this guide. But mostly succeed

There will be two parts that you will modify:
PB3k Mk4 Phone front 2 115%
PB3k Mk4 Phone screen body 2 115%

Modifying PB3k Mk4 Phone front 2 115%
There's really only one section that you need to modify, and that's for the hole to fit the USB to micro USB cable through. Looking at the outside (right side up) of the part, it will be the lower left corner. File/cut it open large enough to fit only the micro USB head through, we don't care if the USB head fits through.


Modifying PB3k Mk4 Phone screen body 2
This one's a bit of a doozy to write it out, so I'll let my picture explain it.

The measurement above is 1/2 inch (1.27 cm)

The measuement above is 2 3/16 inch (5.56 cm)
* I had cut this a tad short by accident, so I ended up cutting even more off. I'd recommend 2 3/8 inch (6.033 cm) *



Discard the middle piece, but keep the top and bottom pieces (Lets call them Alpha and Bravo).

Now, assemble the pipboy as you normally would, placing Alpha and Bravo where they would normally be located in.
Feed the rubber band through the top and bottom holes in the body part, opposite of where you filed out the opening for the micro USB head. This rubber band will hold the power bank inside the gauntlet. Put the raspberry pi with touch screen in and (with the finesse perk) you should be able to place the front cover on!

This is how the end result should look:

If anyone here happens to get the touchscreen to work with SDL2, let me know!
~ Blastback
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Re: Raspberry pi with touchscreen conversion for Pip-boy 3000 MkIV

Post by dragonator »

Looking good.

I have always attached the images myself, but I know that it is possible to show linked images with the Img button or the BB code provided with the image itself. It is not a big problem though.

I have to say the screen looks good. You could try to hide the borders of the screen with a bezel, but otherwise it looks nice.
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