New project powder 3D printer ZEUS

Powder and inkjet printing
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Re: New project powder 3D printer ZEUS

Post by MAsic12345 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:41 pm

I realized
can anyone share sources of information about the powder recipes and the binder? I'll try to figure it out deeper

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Re: New project powder 3D printer ZEUS

Post by dragonator » Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:36 am

With that I can give pointers: In the comments here, Ezrec has give some pointers, and he has a webpage ... #Materials

I have compiled a small list here:

Last but not least, a university has shared a lot of knowledge on recipes. The site is a bit slow, but it is a very varied list. The powder printing recipes are a bit older. The powder recipes start around page 2.

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Re: New project powder 3D printer ZEUS

Post by maxt » Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:17 pm

About powders I can't help much. I'm still experimenting, but still stuck with the official 3DSystems powder. This is perfect powder but difficult to procure and costs reaaaally a lot (like 1000€ the 14Kg box)

My main problem is that alternative powders, even if they print well, would clog the printer vacuum air conducts. Since your printer will not have the same vacuum system, you can experiment. Start with the links provided by dragonator, there are some gypsum powders that print well out of the box, or by adding small amounts of some "glidant" to make them more flowable.

For inks I can give you a couple of good advices :-) my printer uses HP 11 Heads, which are about the same as the HP 85 you reversed, so these recipes should work for you as well:

Colors: just buy on Amazon some color tanks to refill HP ink jet cartriges and dilute them at about 50% with water. Exact percentage depends on how much ink you will jet, so you'll need to experiment.

Clear color: 1L of Demineralized water to which you add between 50cc and 100cc of IPA (Iso Propylic Alcohol 100%, also known as 2-propanol). Exact proportions to be fine tuned according to your environmental conditions, by experimenting.

There are more complex recipes around for the clear liquid. Those may lead to a marginally better print quality, but the printed parts will be more fragile and mandatorily require subsequent infiltration with CA glue (bloody expensive and a pain to work with), water and IPA mix... the part comes out quite hard, bake it in an oven at 45° for half an hour and the job's done, rock solid.

that's it.

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Re: New project powder 3D printer ZEUS

Post by MAsic12345 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:50 pm

Thanks for the info after reading this I understood
I need a printer or device to check the minimum amount of powder tested

I think it will be right to do this way
I will build a printer project with a full size 300/200/200
in the project I will make the piston interchangeable so that I can put
an installation where there are two pistons for a powder test
one piston for feeding powder and another piston for printing the model
this will allow not to build another printer
it seems to me that the dragonator also acted with his plan b printer
this is a good decision

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