Q: Can I buy a…

A: Depends on what you want to buy. Simplest way to find out if I sell something is by contacting me. Things I do sell are circuits and parts for my 3D printers. Things I usually DON’T sell are prop parts. Sorry people, props are simply too expensive for me to make. A shop will be opened in the future to make the sale of parts simpler for everyone.

Q: Can I sell a…

A: Also depends on what. If your friend asked you to print a prop or parts and you want payment for it? Sure, go ahead. If you want to sell prints of my designs on something like Etsy or Ebay? Please ask me first. I will say yes UNDER ONE CONDITION, that you add a link to my site that says that the original files came from here and you have permission. I don’t mind it being sold (I am not going to do it myself anyway), I mind not seeing what happens where.

Q: Will you add more actual questions to the frequently asked questions?

A: Yes, as soon as there are actual frequently asked questions.