3D printers

Oasis 3DP

Oasis is a 3DP designed around the HP45 printhead. This printhead boasts more nozzles at higher density. Oasis is designed to a modifiable platform to test 3DP technology and powders.

Oasis is designed to be a test platform. It was never intended to be sold as a finished product. Keep this in mind if you consider Oasis as for 3DP printing yourself.

Oasis is a work in progress. Expect the design to change.

Plan B

Plan B is a 3D printer specially designed for  3DP printing. It was designed to be as fast and as reliable as possible. It has a sturdy laser cut aluminum frame that can be heated. It can be built for €1000 if you have the aluminum frame manufactured by a third party.

3DP offers high accuracy at fairly high speeds. It requires no support material since the powder supports itself. The list of printable materials include gypsum and ceramics.

Plan B was discontinued. It has given all knowledge it has to offer. No new improvements will be made for Plan B.

Focus printer


Focus is an experimental 3D powder printer. It was designed to be as general purpose as possible, making use of simple parts and sacrificing speed for carrying capacity. It can be built for around €500 when you source parts right and it requires only simple tools to make.

Focus has been discontinued. It has proven it’s value as a test platform but has been replaced by ‘Plan B’. Focus was too slow and unreliable for hobbyist grade 3D prints. All files made are maintained for legacy purposes, but Focus will no longer be updated or improved.