About Ytec3D

Ytec3D is a site showcasing technical projects. This projects include experimental 3D printers, props from videogames, household items, motorized machines and robots and RC aircraft. In a lot of projects 3D printers are used. This is because 3D printing is an amazing tool can make incredibly complex parts that otherwise would have cost a small fortune. Also 3D printing allows a lot of projects to be shared accurately, because anyone with a 3D printer can replicate the results.




All projects on Ytec3d are licensed under the Creative commons – AttributionĀ  – ShareAlike licence. Where possible all files are shared and explained. If a file is not available on a page, use the contact me page to ask for it to be added. The missing information will be added as soon as possible or shared otherwise. All projects are made to be shared, no info is off limits, as long as you are also willing to share what you make based on the files on Ytec3D.