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<p>More data from a 2nd printer (that didn’t have burned out 16v supply on two channels):</p>

Pin Voltages    Dir Name    Comment
1   0.0v    Out ENC_A   Encoder A Output
2   0.0v    Out ENC_B   Encoder B Output
3   0.0v    Gnd GND Ground
4   1.6v    In      d 640
5   0.0v / 0.9v / 1.1v   ?      d 640
6   0.0v    Gnd GND Ground
7   0.0v / 1.5v  ?      d 640
8   0.0v / 1.5v  ?      d 640
9   0.0v    Gnd GND Ground
10  1.6v    In      d 640
11  1.1v / 0.9v / 0.0v  Out     d 640
12  0.0v    Gnd GND Ground
13  0.0v            d 693
14  0.0v            d 540
15  3.3v    Vcc VCC 3.3v for logic
16  0.0v     ?      d 693
17  16v In  VINK_A  Voltage for ink jets
18  16v In  VINK_B  Voltage for ink jets
19  16v In  VINK_C  Voltage for ink jets
20  16v In  VINK_D  Voltage for ink jets

<p>At this point, it’s very likely that:</p>

<p>4/5 and 10/11 are the same protocol (one for black, the other for color)</p>

<p>7/8 and 13/14 may be the same protocol, or different. But both probably use 1.5v signalling.</p>

<p>16 is either an enable or a clock.</p>

<p>More to come…</p>