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The first Z-Corp printers use this cartridge. They are over 20 years old by now IIRC. I had quite some trouble getting a reasonable number for my Z-Junker. The printheads barely survive a single print and need to be modified because they are one piece with the ink tank. The ink tank contains foam and can not be emptied or refilled. I had to use a hacksaw to decap it (huge mess with a full cartridge), then remove the innards and flush it, and finally glue in a cut-off test tube to get the ink system going. The color version is a combination of a hacked ink head with three tiny ink containers. The heads are quite rare. I have not found one that was working in three spare printers. An even if you get CIS going on those, you still need three heads for CMYK and Clear color.

I would see this cartridge as a slightly better HP C6602A that Plan B already uses.