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I’m getting a 3.3v arduino (Adafruit Triunket pro) to mess with this thing, as it seems that I should be able to write the data to it via the 3.3v SPI interface (with some extra lines for the heater enable):

The inkshield is.. well.. touchy. I’ve blown out the jets on two HP cartridges so far by (1) having an ISR get stuck during a spray operation and (2) being an idiot and doing a firmware upgrade when the VIN was still enabled on the inkshield.

I’m going to add a 5v Trinket Pro in front of the InkShield to act as a printhead controller – that should allow me to get my ink jetting timings ‘just right’ without having to worry about the rest of the CNC stuff (GCode, stepper control, etc etc).

Know a good place to get HP C6602As in bulk?