Hand in Hand Skeleton Clock

Half a year ago I made the original hand in hand clock, and while it was a great clock, it could be better. While working on these improvements, I wanted a new design that was suggested to me by quite a few people: “Make a skeleton clock version”. I love this idea. I am an engineer, I don’t want a slick minimalist clock, I want to see gears. Instead of hiding the thing that makes this clock tick, all mechanisms are shown off. Every gear that moves this clock is visible. This is complemented with a nice black and gold look for the clock, almost steampunk (another thing I love).

This clock is completely 3D printable and can be made on most 3D printers. The design requires no real support and can be printed on a printer as small as 140mm x 140mm. While the parts list may look daunting, all parts are easy to source and there is no really complicated part to this clock. It can be assembled by almost anyone using only basic tools. The electronics are probably the most difficult part for this clock. The clock is driven by a 5V trinket powering a small geared DC motor. The motor receives feedback from a tcrt5000 optical reflex sensor. Basic soldering skills are required here, but only because the electronics need to be compact, not because it is complicated.

Download the files below and go to Instructables to see a full step by step guide on how to build and assemble this unique clock.

HIHCS1 download

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