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Hey Matthias,

Good to finally see someone else after 2 months. I was beginning to suspect that it was still broken. I’ll consider removing the math thing, because I think it doesn’t stop anything.

3D printer status report from my side is also unchanged. The concept for the next printer is done for months, but I actually have it planned for this winter. It will be easier for this one to use other printhead, and overal I hope that it will be cheap and good for testing new printheads and materials. Less axes (no more 6 stepper motors), and a bigger printhead carrier. And most importantly, a heated environment.

Plan B experiments are completely done. Plan B is running on it’s last legs and I do not feel like overhauling it again. The new faster controller does work, but I don’t know if I will make a version for sale before the next printer. For now I am busy with more props.