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    Hi friends, im new on the forum.

    I would like to start with my plan B printer, would know if will be possible do the pasts larger to have more printer surface, im assuming that perhaps the motors must be any more biger but my answer is if the control software will assunimg this new size or not?

    Im thinking on a 40×40 or 50x50cm for construction basis plane.

    Any help?

    best regarsd



    The problem isn’t with hardware or firmware limitations. It is mechanically quite easy to make a 40x40xm print surface. Software has a few values to define the sizes, so that is also quite easy. Technically it is possible, but the issue is that Plan B is very slow. It prints at 60mm/s with 2 sweeps per 3,2mm. Doing the math, 40x40cm will take around 28 minutes to print per layer. A layer is 0,15mm. This speed can’t be increased right now, this for now is it.

    Because of that, I do not advice to make a printer that big based on Plan B. Once better hardware comes available for open source 3DP printing, it will become a more interesting idea to make a bigger printer.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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