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    I recently blew the MC34063A on my InkShield, but has some MC34063Es laying around.

    Unfortunately, they ran hot enough to cook and egg, and would burn out withing a few minutes.

    After close inspection of the datasheet, I found that I could reduce the current draw, but keep the same output voltage by reducing the output current by a factor of about 10 (from ~400ma to ~40ma).

    I replaced R1 with a 1 ohm resistor (originally 0.22 Ohm) and C2 with a 100pF capacitor (originally 1.5nF).

    InkShield works again, and runs a lot cooler. I can actually hold my finger on the MC34063E now without burning myself.

    Just thought I’d share, in case anyone else wanted to try a MC34063E in their InkShield.


    I will note these improvements for my future sales. I currently still have a stock of the MC34063A That I never had a problem with, but when it runs out I will look if it possible for me to use the E converter and capacitors instead of the A version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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