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    Thank you for really nice development.
    I’m trying to use Plan B for my research, so I am setting up the machine.
    I’m a materials science guy in South Korea and really beginner of electronics.

    I did wiring on megatronics and Boost-demultiplexer, but there is a remained socket which is 12v(+,-) on Boost-demultiplexer.
    Actually, I connected it with power supply, and I got explosion of 100uf 16V capacitor two times :<
    So, I thought that should it be connected to 12V 5A socket in megatronics? or should it be remained empty?

    I really have no idea abt it.
    Please tell me.

    Thank you.



    The 12V port should indeed be wired to the 5A 12V socket on the megatronics, but the capacitor should not explode. There is several ways a capacitor can explode. First it can receive reverse polarity. Make absolutely sure you a: wire the 12V the right way around and b: solder the capacitor the right way around. Another is over voltage, but at it’s current location, it should only receive 12V. However, close by on the circuit, it is boosted to 20V, so maybe I did wrong and you need a 25V capacitor. I always had 25V capacitors on mine. Maybe it is bad caps, but if you already blew up 2, this seems unlikely.

    If you try with a bigger cap and it doesn’t explode, please tell me, then I will fix the site immediately. Else send pictures (either through the forum or mail) and I will work from that.




    Thank you for reply.
    Actually, when Capacitor exploded, I connected 12v on demultiplexer to 12v (just above the LCD connector) on megatronics not 12v 5A socket. It’s bcz I didn’t much knowledge abt electronics.
    And I tried connect 12v on demultiplexer with 12v 5A on Megatronics, but in that case the Megatronics doesn’t turned on. Megatronics is connected with power supply by only 12V 10A socket at that case. That’s why I made wrong connection of 12v with megatronics.
    So, my question is that do I need more connection btw megatronics and power supply except 12V 10A for turn on the Megatronics?
    Thank you.



    Both of the bottom left sets of headers need 12V. The bottom one is the power input for the megatronics. There is also a header on the Megatronics above the USB. This is the power select header, and it toggles between powering the Megatronics from the USB or from the 12V. If the megatronics doesn’t power, it is because the header is on USB power. First get the megatronics to work, and if that works, connect the boost demultiplexer with the 12V terminal to the 12V5A power supply. Hopefully this time it will work (because I do not really know what is going wrong without more information)



    Thank you for reply. I have finally set up the printer :> It works well.
    The latest issue was due to the poor knowledge of mine abt electronics. It was just simple.
    I connected 12V 5A socket to power supply directly.
    Thanks again for your nice development again.

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