HP45 Controller V4.01 mechanical assembly

For the guide to assembling the PCB, click here

The carriage for the HP45 controller is 3D printed. The files are supportless and should be simple to print. The carriage holds the HP45 and the assembled PCB and aligns the connector with the HP45. The assembly allows for simple loading and unloading of an HP45 printhead. Simple hardware is used to assemble the carriage.

Bill of materials

For one HP45 V4 controller carriage you need the following parts:

Part nameDescriptionQty.Source/supplier
HP45CAR-P01-00Main carriage body13D printed
HP45CAR-P02-00Hinges23D printed
HP45CAR-P03-00Latch arm13D printed
HP45CAR-P04-00Clamp block13D printed
HP45 controllerAssembled PCB controller1Ytec3D
DIN 125 M4Washer2DIN/ISO part
DIN 912 M3x10Hex. socket head cap screw4DIN/ISO part
DIN 912 M4x20Hex. socket head cap screw 2DIN/ISO part
DIN 985 M3Nyloc hex nut4DIN/ISO part
DIN 985 M4Nyloc hex nut 6DIN/ISO part
DIN 7991 M4x12Hex. socket countersunk head cap screw4DIN/ISO part

3D printing

Click the button below to download the 3D print files for the HP45 V4 controller carriage.

Exact print settings do not really matter for the 3D prints. 0.2mm layer height, 25% infill and 3 perimeters are a personal preference. The parts are oriented to be supportless.

Below a set of drawings for the carrier with assemblies and the separate parts. The dimensions below are given for reference. If the dimensions of your prints are off by more than around 0.3mm, your printer settings need to be changed. I have printed these parts on a Prusa I4 Mk2S.


Attach the arm HP45CAR-P03-00 to the body HP45CAR-P01-00 using 2x DIN 912 M4x20, 2x DIN 125 M4 washers and 2x DIN 985 nuts. There is a pocket on the inside of the body for the nut.

Press 2x M4 nut in the outside hex pockets of the arm HP45CAR-P03-00.

Attach 2x hinges HP45CAR-P02-00 to the arm HP45CAR-P03-00 using 2x DIN 7991 M4x12 screws. Do not over tighten these. The hinges need to move freely.

Add the clamp HP45CAR-P04-00 using the remaining 2x DIN 7991 M4x12 and 2x DIN 985 M4 nuts. There are pockets in the clamp for the nuts

From the side of the body HP45CAR-P01-00 insert 4x DIN 985 M3 nuts

Press the nuts to the bottom of the hole

Mount the assembled HP45 controller using 4x DIN 912 M3x10 screws

(Better photos and guide coming soon™)

For the guide to assembling the PCB, click here