Building a Plan B

Plan B design

Work on Plan B was discontinued July 2015. No more upgrades or additions will be posted. For support questions can still be asked using the contact form, but if the questions are too difficult, I can no longer help.

On these pages is all information available to make a Plan B yourself. I have included assembly drawings,  3D printable files, dxf files of the sheetmetal and the latest version of the firmware and software. Download links to specific parts of Plan B can be found on their respective instruction pages. A condensed version of the instructions are on instructables:

Plan B was designed to be assembled using only basic tools (screwdrivers, Allen keys, wrenches, a saw, soldering iron i.e.). However to manufacture the parts some more advanced tools are needed. Most of the frame pieces are 3D printed and all of the sheet material has to be cut on either a laser cutter or a water cutter. Also some addition circuitry is needed for the inkjet to function, so etching, milling or buying  a circuit board is also necessary.

Please bear in mind that Plan B is a prototype printer. Software was written by me and I only decent at most at programming. If you are building this, you’ll probably need some basic knowledge in software and electronics, so you can make modifications and additions on your own. No garuantees can be given on the functionality of the software and electronics. Plan B worked for me, but without the proper knowledge, it might not work for everyone. I tried my best to make it all perfect, but I am only one person.

The instructions for Plan B have been divided into several parts.

Additional tools for Plan B: