Turret (portal)

Turrets are one of the main obstacles in the Portal games. These stationary robots are deadly accurate and will kill anything on sight with nearly infinite bullets.

The turret prop is about as actuated as is possible, both the eye and the arms move and there is light for the eye and guns and an additional laser for the eye. The whole system can be controlled by a joystick, but it works best with camera tracking. The software spots the subject on the camera and aims the turret at is. On top of that the software provides sound. The whole turret is 3D printed and can be created with basic tools.



If you want to build a turret yourself, download the package below and follow the link to instructables, where complete assembly instructions have been posted.


Made one? go to the forum and share your pictures with everyone: https://ytec3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5

Turret download button

If you downloaded the files from this site and liked it, please consider going to the Donations page. This will help the development of more free designs and plans.



The project described on this page is licensed under the Creative commons – Attribution  – ShareAlike license.


  1. Hi there! Massive, massive fan of your work. I was wondering, however, would you be able to tell me of a 3D printer that either you used and/or would be suited to make the Turrets and GLaDOS models (moving). Much appreciated!

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      I used an UP Plus for most of my props on this site. It is not perfect, but it is amazing with support material. If you know it’s boundaries, it is a simple to use plug and print printer.

  2. Would love to know what your OS, CPU, Java version, Opencv versions are so that I can replicate more reliably

    Under win 7 x64 on an AMD quad core the program mostly runs for a few seconds and then locks up.
    I have a basic turret which works quite well with other turret sketches and also under processing which I think you may have used to compile the EXE ?

    Also find that I have to quite often start up web cam software first.

    • This is quite a bummer to hear, The software never ran stable, but it did keep running when it was properly running. Make sure you only have one camera attached (simply disabling does not work). On a laptop, there can be no additional camera plugged in (I never got an external webcam to work).

      I use Win 7 x64 on an intel quad core. The java isn’t relevant here, The openCV version I don’t know here, so I will have to look that up. The program is written in QT, so I will have to ask the guy who made it for me to give me the additional files.

      I will follow this comment up, hopefully sharing the source files (which somehow got misplaced).

    • I did some digging and I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I can’t give any more information on version numbers. The good news is that I got the source code from the guy who made it. It needs QT and OpenCV to run. Hope that it will serve you well. These programs usually run more stable through a compiler.

      The link to the file is:

      Let me know if there is more I can help with.

  3. Hey,
    I’m considering building this, but putting the electronics inside, and as such, would need to possible alter the placement and/or size. Would you consider sharing the original model files?


    • On the downloads page (support->downloads) 2 additional download links have been added. Good luck modifying the turret and if you make it I would love to see pictures.

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