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    <p>The other question is what is the best way to acquire a supply of fine ABS powder?</p>


    <p>ABS powder can be bought for about 1 EUR per kg, for example:</p>



    <p>Well, the Dell Series 1 is probably a terrible cartridge choice – obsolete, and not easily available.</p>

    <p>Ideally, we could try adding acetone to a 1/2 empty cart via a refill kit, and see what happens on a Plan B</p>

    <p>If some one wants to try this, make sure they keep in mind that acetone is INCREDIBLY FLAMMABLE!</p>

    <p>Do it outside, on a concrete area open to the sky, with an electrical fire extinguisher at the ready!</p>


    <p>Ok, been thinking, here’s a development plan:</p>

    • find the absolute cheapest inkjet printer available in your area, and the cost of ink for it
    • find the absolute cheapest inkjet head in your area, and the price of the lowest printer for it

    <p>Report your results here. I’m looking for new (2014) printers only. At the current pace of printhead change, the pinout we get will only be “DIY usable” for about 3 years.</p>

    <p>Hopefully one of these we find will be acetone resistant and reverse engineer able.</p>


    <p>In the US, I am finding that the HP 1010 (HP 61 and 61c inks) and Canon Mg2520 (pg-245 and cl-246) are cheap and plentiful.</p>

    <p>Supposedly HP still has its developer program – but I think the NDAs may not work out. Canon is usually better about comprehensive service manuals – my early canon bubblejet has complete schematics of the printhead…. Mounted in what appears to be ABS.</p>

    <p>Hopefully we can find a service manual for a Canon model that uses those cartridges.</p>


    While I still really like the idea, I will not be actively participating with experiments the coming few weeks or months. After the acetone and C6602A test I will first direct my attention toward other things, such as:

    • Finishing some of my old projects;
    • Doing some new experiments with materials for Plan B;
    • Fixing some of my 3D printers;
    • Hacking the CN642A as soon as I have a 3D printer working again;
    • In the spring, some hydroponics related projects;
    • (Relocating?)

    If by that time there hasn’t been some massive breakthrough or catastrophic flaw in the concept, I will join when I have checked of at least a few of those points. I will still give input where possible and hope that the discussion can remain active, but I simply do not have the time right now to help with the experiments.



    <p>Ok, wonko and I will keep the discussion going in this thread.</p>


    <p>I don’t have my powderbed printer fabricated yet, so i’m pretty much at the limit of what I can do on my end also, other than give ideas.
    What hardware are you using on your end? Maybe I have a printer like it laying around my scrap pile.</p>


    <p>I am currently building the Plan B. It’s great to see that there are printheads that seem to resist some harsh solvents. Currently though, I have to build the machine first, using the print head described in the manual. As soon as I have repeatable results, I will likely switch to another head. However, my focus then is on the HP CN642 simply because it is a fast head with the required five colors for full color 3d printing.</p>

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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