Oh my heavens, is that a blog post?

yes, yes it is.

This post is here to say, yes the blog is going to be used. In this blog I hope to keep the few people that will accidentally click on the blog button posted on what is currently happening, preferably with pictures, though most probably not always. The blog will not be a weekly thing, it will not be a biweekly or a monthly thing. It will happen when something has happened.

First order of business… Plan B. Plan B is an open source 3DP printer, aimed to bring more possibilities to the open source community. Now that the turret has been finished and has mildly flopped, I finally have my undivided attention back at Plan B. Plan B already works, prints have been made on it, but Plan B has not been posted yet. There are 3 reasons for this.

1: Plan B still needs more work perfecting it before I want to post it. While I know that it will develop faster when more people have access to it sooner, I don’t want to post a half done design.

2: Writing the documentation is a huge task. I am very busy filling the dozen pages around Plan B. I have had too many project fizz because the initial documentation was too little or a video was posted 2 weeks after initial posting, I want to do this one properly.

3: Plan B still lacks a slicer working. While Plan B can read ordinary Gcode quite well, it prints around 20x faster using it’s own special code. Some delays happened in this slicer, mainly the slicing part, the exporting part is just fine. While I have enough files for testing, it is not yet stable enough to be released.  It is still in progress, some other backup plans have been set in motion as well as a temporary solution, but this needs some more time.

So in the mean time, enjoy this picture of a creeper printed on Plan B and as a super special reward for finding this page, a timelapse of the creeper being printed:

Creeper 1


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